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UK Knabstrupper Stallions at Stud


Listings on this site are currently free of charge, and open to everyone with a Knabstrupper stallion standing the UK. 

Not all stallions are approved by all breed societies.  

Mare owners are strongly advised to check with the Stallion owner and Breed Society concerned if you are wanting your foal to be registered in a particular stud book.


If you have a Knabstrupper Stallion at Stud in the UK, please email the webmaster your advertisement details, and photo if possible.


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Halfdan Heimdal of Centyfield

Houdini at Little Uncle

Marster Lynghoj




Pinocchio Middelsom





Reference Sires - Deceased / Gelded / Sold Abroad

Hamlet Frydenlund

Harry Potter at Little Uncle

Faust af Elmelygaard

Tornado af Knabstrup


Houdini at Little Uncle and Sam Brown Te

Houdini at Little Uncle KNN 247

Purebred (7/8)

White born Few Spot


Foaled 2004

Height: 167cm


Houdini is by the German Knabstrupper Little Holiday whose sire was the advanced dressage stallion Hamlet Frydenlund.  His damsire is Baron aus der schutzenten Hand, the reknowned classic Knabstrupper sire.


Houdini has been presented in front of three grading societies by JJays and received a premium from them all, two being the highest scoring stallion on the day.


In 2009 he was presented in front of the ZfdP where he was one of only three stallions entered into ZfdP German Riding Horse stud book one. The three German judges complimented his type, muscle & canter.


He was champion stallion with the KNN at the 2008 Devon grading, and again at the 2014 Leamside grading where he passed his performance test to obtain Lifetime approval with the KNN. The Danish judges deemed him an attractive pure bred stallion (7/8) of good type, with a good walk and trot, and a very good canter.


These results are reflected in this stallions ability to sire true-to-type quality foals with good conformation and movement, who have been highly trainable and gone on to perform in a variety of disciplines, both at Riding Club and Affiliated levels.


Being a few spot stallion, homozygous for PATN1 he guarantees to throw foals with some form of spotted coat pattern.

Available via chilled/fresh AI

Little Holiday (ZfDP)



Baron aus der Schüetzenden Hand


£350 NFFR

Jacquie Johnson

JJays Coloured Collection

Co Durham


Mobile: 07825045756


2019 Stud Fee




Thore vom Pferdehof Knabstrupper Stallion UK

Thore vom Pferdehof KNN 174

100% Purebred (16/16)

Black Based, White born Few Spot

(Ee, aa, LP/LP PATN1/PATN1)

Foaled 2002

151cm / 15hh

Thore has such a kind temperament both on the ground and in ridden work. He always aims to please, coming out of what you ask of him proud he has tried his heart out for you. We are spending this year getting to know each other and hope to get out and about competing next season in Dressage and Eventing. He has three outstanding and huge paces, I’m sure he believes he is a hand bigger than he actually measures. 


He is one of the very few 100% purebred (16/16) few spot Knabstruppers and the only one in the UK that combines being Premium Graded with both KNN and ZfdP, 30 day performance tested in Germany and homozygous for LP patterning. 


He is highly trainable, intelligent and suitable for use on all types of mares, each time bringing his kind, calm nature and his sporty, athletic movement. He has covered mares ranging from 12.2hh to 17hh. He guarantees LP patterning every time.  


Thore is by Talisman uas der Schutzenden Hand and is line bred to Thundercloud on his sire side. His Dam, a Premium Graded mare, Salome af Hestdale is by Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup bringing exciting history to his classic foundation pedigree. 


KNN Premium Graded 

ZfdP Premium Graded 

30 day performance tested in Germany 

DNA tested & parentage verified.

Talisman aus derSchutzenden Hand (ZfDP)

Salome af Hestedale

DE 310100181293

Stejrneprinsen af Vejrup

KNN 74


Nicole Jones

Yggdrasil Stud, North Yorkshire


Mobile: 07793054286


2019 Stud Fee




Fintel Knabstrupper Stallion UK

Fintel KNN 125

Black Leopard spotted 

Foaled  1992  167cm

KNN Graded 

Life and performance graded knabstrupper:

Fintel is a fantastic natured horse with bold paces and a fantastic bold jump,he has competed successfully in both showjumping and dressage in Europe before being imported to the UK, Fintel has bred exellent youngstock,would be ideal to put quality into any mare.

Mares who qualify under the Knabstrupper outcross list (e.g. Graded Trakehner, Warmblood or Tbs) when bred to Fintel maybe eligible to receive full mainbook Knabstrupper papers for their offspring.

DNA tested & parentage verified.

Thunder Boy

KNN 96


KNN 1585

Don Ibrahim

KNN 92


Helen Hawthorne,

Lochlibo Stud



Phone: 01294 224522 

Mobile: 07949735427


2019 Stud Fee




Blacklaw Xcalibur Knabstrupper Stallion UK

Blacklaw Xcalibur KNN 192

Purebred (6/8) Bay Leopard spotted 

Foaled  2005  166cm

KNN Graded 

Xcalibur is a young purebred stallion.  Xcalibur is an impressive horse with light paces and an excellent scopey jump. He is a horse full of enthusiasm and energy combined with a lovely friendly temperament.  Xcalibur is a lighter boned Knabstrupper stallion with Arab & TB in his pedigree. It is hoped that he will follow an eventing career although at this early stage he is showing the paces and jump to be successful in any discipline.

He is by Xantast Middelsom a Premium graded leopard Knabstrupper stallion. Xantast sired the best foal at the KNN grading in 2004, has had several daughters graded, one with an outstanding 9 and also has a fully graded stallion son.  Xantast is by Xanthos, a superb stallion, who has produced international dressage horses and several graded stallion sons.

Xcalibur’s dam is the prolific graded Knabstrupper mare Vixen.   Vixen has bred a dynasty of successful Knabstruppers and has been awarded two silver medals for her offspring.  In 2007 alone her offspring’s success has been phenomenal. Vixen’s foal was Best in Show at the Scottish KNN Knabstrupper grading achieving a nine overall and she was the only Knabstrupper in the UK to gain such a high mark. Her grandson at the KNN Birmingham grading was awarded a premium 8.  Her granddaughter at the UK ZFDP grading was also awarded a foal Premium. In Denmark at the KNN grading in Zealand her gelding son, Saxer Aested, was Best in Show whilst her granddaughters were Best Foal and Best Youngstock.
Vixen has several Premium graded daughters one of whom received a nine overall in 2005 at the KNN grading in the UK. Xcalibur is her only son to have been put forward for stallion grading and we are delighted that he was licensed successfully.

Mares who qualify under the Knabstrupper outcross list (e.g. Graded Trakehner, Warmblood or Tbs) when bred to Xcalibur maybe eligible to receive full mainbook Knabstrupper papers for their offspring.

DNA tested & parentage verified.

Xantast Middelsom

KNN 126


KNN 1608

Molager Hof


DK Knab


On Application 

Theresa Vimmerslev,  
Stoke Poges Slough 


2019 Stud Fee




Holmegards Bastian Knabstrupper Stallion UK

Holmegards Bastian KNN 183

Purebred (6/8)  Chestnut leopard spotted

2003   159cm 

KNN Graded

Holmegards Bastian, or 'Asti' as he affectionately known at home, has the most amazing temperament. This kind mannerly horse is talented, trainable and strikingly beautiful. He always gives his best and never fails to capture the attention of spectators and judges alike.


Asti completed his performance life grading with the KNN in Oct 08. His elevated paces and natural athleticism, along with his fantastic off the floor jump, gained him the highest performance marks of any Knabstrupper stallion in 2008.


As you can see, Asti would be equally suitable for both dressage and showjumping breeders alike. He really is Mr versatile. A harmonious, balanced horse with athletic, off the floor paces, a huge jump and trainable temperament. All this with the added bonus of colour.....


KNN 142

Kronborgdiges Bonita 

KNN 2014

Don Ibrahim 

KNN 92

£500 (Fresh & Chilled Semen) NFFR   £550 (Frozen Semen) Elaine Campin - 01434 673711; Mobile: 07714127566


2019 Stud Fee




Rollestone Kharma Knabstrupper Stallion UK

Rollestone Kharma KNN 219

 (3/8)  Black blanket spotted

2007   159cm 

KNN Graded 

Would you like the chance of breeding your very own Spotted sportshorse with temperament, good conformation, lovely movement and jump. 16hh Graded Black Blanket Spot Knabstrupper Stallion


Kharma is a very versitile stallion competing BD, BSJA, Eventing and Showing always being in the ribbons, and qualified for many championships in all fields. A lovely horse who has competed since he was 2yrs old, his progeny although not many as he hasnt been standing at Public stud are proving to take after him. 

Hamlet Frydenlund

KN DK 9107601

Holme Park Kossette 






2019 Stud Fee




Norgaards Jason Knabstrupper stallion UK

Norgaards Jason KNN 307

 (4/8)  Homozygous (EEAA)Bay LpLp Fewspot PATN1/patn1

Tested negative n/n for WFFS and PSSM1

2014  147cm 

KNN Graded 

Superb young stallion with excellent scope over a fence, with loose jumping marks of 8.5 for technique and 9 for capacity at his grading.  Superb paces and temperament (10s at his grading).  At home he lives here on a mixed yard and is always well behaved. 


Homozygous for Lp will always give some form of patterning, and his first two foal crops have given us a wide range from minimally patterned right up to full leopard foals.  Homozygous for Bay, he will never throw a chestnut based foal.

All his foals have inherited his superb movement, with excellent conformation and are quick to learn.  Three of his 2019 foals were presented at the 2019 UK KNN Knabstrupper gradings - two gained an overall mark of 9, and one an 8, testament to the quality he throws.

Jason will be available at Public Stud to Limited mares in 2020, in line with his training/competition schedule.

All mares must have clean swab certificates for the current season.

Norrings Bentley

KNN 194



KNN 2566 

Theis af Virklyst

KNN 179

£350 NFFR

concessions for KNN and BSpPS mares

Heidi Wilkin

078111 29459


2020 Stud Fee




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