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Knabstrupper Coat Colours and Breed Characteristics


When breeding, inheritance of the spotted coat pattern is difficult to predict.

 There is no guarantee of coat pattern when crossing two spotted horses; it can result in solid coloured as well as spotted foals; just as a spotted and a solid horse very often produce a spotted foal when bred to one another. 



Breed Characteristics









Mottled Muzzle                                   Mottled Genitalia










White Sclera                                         Striped Hooves



Examples of Coat Patterns


The following photos are all horses registered with the KNN, and are an example of the variety of striking coats displayed by the Knabstrupper Breed.












Leopard                                                                   Near Leopard











Spotted Blanket                                                         Solid Blanket (snowcap)









Few Spot                                                                       Lacy Blanket










Snowflake                                                        Solid Coat



Tilly Trot Sept 2019.jpg
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